Set replace values

  1. Add the following code to functions.php and set the value.
    Filter: etf_tpl_values
add_filter('etf_tpl_values', 'hoge');
function hoge( $values ) {

	// Set value
	// Example: $values['Any name'] = value;
	// Example: $values['sample_value'] = 'sample';

	return $values;
  1. Change the place where you want to output the value on the template side as follows.
    {$ Any name set in functions.php }
<div class="mceTmpl">
	<!-- この中に記述 -->
	<div class="mceNonEditable"><!-- When set to the outermost frame, editing is disabled as a whole -->

			{$ Any name set in functions.php }


Value set in advance by plug-in

This is a list of values prepared in advance on the plug-in side.
This value is predefined in the plugin, so it can be used without writing it in functions.php.

tagOutput valueMain uses
{$post_id}Post ID 
{$template_directory_uri}URL of the theme directory usedWhen embedding images etc. in templates
<img src="{$template_directory_uri}Path to image file">
{$etf_tpl_dir_url}URL to the template folder of "Editor Template Files" located in the theme used